Maria & Jamie Cochran, USA

We found Helena on the Internet and despite our fears of buying far away we found ourselves feeling comfortable enough to journey from Spokane, OR to Ojai, CA and collect our new baby Dora and bring her home with us. She is a companion for our other dog “dude” the bull mastiff.  Our experience has been nothing but positive. Helena is a wealth of information and has been there for us for the following years after our purchase. She is passionate about her breed and all animals and will be there for you for many years following your purchase if necessary. Our exchange about the dogs has eventually evolved into a friendship that I value very much. Without a doubt when we are ready for another Yorkie we will contact them.

Mrs Commi from Utica, NY

“We found Teacup Yorkie on a Google search a few months ago, having browsed through plenty of other breeder’s sites, we knew right away that this breeder  was the place to purchase our very first Yorkie. The breeder, was very knowledgeable and taught my wife and I the true meaning of owning and properly caring for a Yorkie. Knowledge that I doubt most “backyard” type breeders are NOT aware of. Our Micro Teacup Yokie is 100% healthy and we couldn’t be any happier with our purchase through FBLA.Thanks!!!”

Mr Frank from New Mexico

What a pleasant experience this was. We were so afraid about spending this kind of money and maybe not getting a good dog. Well no worries no more. We could not be happier. Gigi is the best and she is gorgious. We didn’t care about a “show dog”, but now if we wanted to……well we get stopped on the street. They have always been there for us no matter how long ago we bought our dog. She is so knowledgeable and I never feel like I am bothering her. Her passion for the breed is obvious. Can’t go wrong here.

Mr Tody From Dothan, AL

Kiki the wonder Micro Teacup Yorkie puppy is an absolute joy and love in my life. She is small and compact and has a perfect temperament. Her fur is stunning and beautiful and soft. Everyone that sees her falls in love instantly. I was apprehensive about the cost of the dog. I had planned on getting the least expensive puppy of the litter. Of course when I saw my dog, I had to have her, and she was the most expensive. My partner and I both feel that we got the absolute best Micro Teacup Yorkie that money can buy. The breeder is very knowledgeable and is available for questions and readily provides good advice for caring for the dog. We are considering getting another Micro Teacup Yorkie companion for our dog.

Miss Dennis From Arizona

These puppies are perfect! We wanted to handpick a special puppy that fit our family. She and husband worked diligently and joyfully to find us the perfect match! We loved how selective she was at making sure we were qualified parents! Our Teacup Yorkie puppy Violette has added so much joy to our lives.We also so appreciated her holistic approach to feeding and using minimum toxic drugs. She is very knowledgeable about the breed, and about animal health in general. Her love for her own dogs, and the love for all the puppies was so nice to see after having looked at more mass produced lines. Thank you . We want another puppy soon!!

Mr Adams from Canada

Very well mannered and beautiful breed of dogs!!! Could not be any happier than I am right now!!! My “Nora” baby boy is the sweetest and best puppy I have ever owned, and I have had my share of puppies!!! I have always been a Teacup Yorkie Pup person, but had I found this breed earlier in life may not of been able to say that. Will be sharing pictures her as soon as I can break away from spoiling my little girl!!! I was scared of sending money without seeing her but
they did ship her right to my home and she was delivered to me safely, She is one of God’s newest blessings for me and cannot say enough how thankful I am that he bestowed such an honor upon me.

Eiriz Matsumoto From PA

Her dogs are beyond amazing and I should know – I have TWO of them!  She’s tremendously knowledgeable about this breed and has a deep love for them which I found a wonderful thing.  She KNOWS the joy these dogs will bring their owners – and they do in spades.  I got my first Yokie, Bones, from her a year before getting his half-sister Bitz and I can attest to the fact that you simply cannot have just one Teacup Yokie.  Their antics together are so engaging and downright hilarious.  The depth of their love and affection for each other is only surpassed by their adoration of their owner.  I cannot say enough about Marika and certainly could go on and on about her puppies.

Sami Coughlin From California 

“Things are going great. He is such a sweetie. Loves fetching his lovey. Byz had a really good checkup and his last shot today. My vet wanted your info…I hope that’s ok. He has lots of people who would love to have one of your puppies. You are awesome and he is just so perfect for us. He does like the  little white towels for potty better, goes every time on the pad. He has lots of personality and he is so stinking cute. We have already spoiled him. Byz is our new baby.”

Gabriel Partida From Kentucky

“From the begging Teacup yorkie, tremendous customer service and always communicating with me through the process. She answered all my questions and till this day is willing to help with any question I may have. Great breeder, not too many like her out there. Truly satisfied customer. Keep the good work up french bulldog.”

Monica & Henry From Canada

“I bought a beautiful female Teacup Yorkie from her and her husband and it was a wonderful 1st time experience. she was honest, informative and a joy to work with. I’ve never purchased outside the U.S. And, I was a little nervous but She was very professional and put me completely at ease. Payment was easy and getting her shipped to me was a breeze. All in all Teacup Yorkie, it was a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thank you again, you are one of the best!”


Micro Teacup Yorkie

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